Want to have some real decorating fun? Tackle a child’s bedroom. Oh, the possibilities! Even if you normally draw a blank (or are crazy indecisive) when it comes to interior design, the lucky child you’re designing for will provide plenty of compelling inspiration — like favorite colors, special interests, and personality.

What delights your child? Whether it’s trains or trees, dancers or drums, consider it as a starting point. That said, keep in mind that not everything in the room needs to tie into the theme. Yes, it’s oh-so-tempting to grab everything you spot that’s related to that choo-choo theme you’ve got going, but don’t get carried away!

For example, the starting point for this smart, fun children’s bedroom was the airplane-themed bedding and vintage airplane pictures. Could we have found airplane fabric for drapery and an airplane-themed rug? Sure. But instead of going theme-overboard, we simply incorporated various shades of blue, which carry the bedding color and reference the sky. (No clouds painted on the wall, thank you!) Notice the healthy mix of patterns and scales in the bedding and area rug.

Old-fashioned brass beds mimic the feel of the vintage art and add a bit of shine and character to the room. The aviator-inspired wallpaper might have been a bit much floor to ceiling, but on just the bottom half of the wall it delivers a “cool” factor while tying tastefully into the flight theme.

Just a couple of fun airplane accents complete the soaring design.

Kids’ rooms don’t always have to be themed, though. In fact, wee ones can be wonderfully fickle; this month’s unicorn obsession might be swapped for a soccer obsession next month and who-knows-what next year! So, if you’re going for longevity, or you don’t yet know what your child will be drawn to (you’re designing for a newborn, for example), you might want to take another design route.

This bedroom would thrill a child whose very favorite color is purple, don’t you think? The wallpaper—which we designed the room around—provides an elegant look that’s appropriate for any age child (or adult — it would be easy to convert this room to a guest bedroom someday). Note the wide variety of neutrals in different textures and patterns. The overall effect is pretty and fun yet stylish and chic enough for young adults.

This reupholstered chair—with its whimsical print and sophisticated fringe—perfectly reflects the attitude of the room and serves as a focal point.

Wallpaper was also the inspiration for this nursery—where it provides charming color and sweet cheer.

Sometimes a few simple elements—like pictures, books, or playful pompoms—are all you need to bring a child-like atmosphere to a room.

Whether you’re decorating a formal dining area or a child’s bedroom, remember to bring texture to the space.

As fun as they can be, successfully designed kids’ rooms also need to address the practical. Would blackout curtains earn you some more shut eye? What will you need to store in the room (now and in the future)? Will the space also serve as a play area and/or storage area for toys?

This mostly hidden storage looks tidy while providing plenty of space for corralling everything from playdough to dump trucks.

Are you lucky enough to have a child’s room to design? What are your visions/inspiration for the space?