The month just before winter, October is the ideal month to do some of the home chores that you overlook throughout the year. October is right around the corner. This month can shine from an interior design standpoint. So, here are some of the housecleaning and home maintenance tasks that you should perform in the month of October.

Rake leaves

Cleaning away leaves that fall from trees is daunting especially when they are on the lawn. So, ensure that you choose the right rake for the job. Plastic ones are light but do not last long. Go for a rake that feels goods to you in regards to weight and getting the job done. Chop some of the leaves you collect with a mower and add them to compost or as flower bed mulch.

Clean downspouts and gutters

Leaves on gutters and downspouts can harbor animals and objects. So, after cleaning the gutters, inspect them for cracks or loose parts that need to be fixed before winter hits. Leaves on gutters can also cause a blockage if not cleared.

Storm windows and doors

If you live in a heavy storm area, now is the time to put up your storm doors and windows. If it’s your first year, ensure that you buy and install them before it’s tool late.

Shut off storehouses and exterior faucets for winter

Hoses should be disconnected and well drained before being stored indoors ahead of the winter season. Shut off all water supplies that feed the exterior faucets as early as October to avoid frozen pipes during the cold season.

Check safety devices

Home safety devices include carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in good working conditions and check the service date for your fire extinguisher. If they are overdue, replace them as soon as possible.

Swap seasonal clothes

Let’s face it; there are clothes for each season and all season clothes. Now is the time to pack away seasonal clothes that you will not use over fall and winter. All lightweight clothes and sandals should be packed away until next spring. Keep warm clothes close and replace the few that may be worn out. You could also shop for a few warm trending clothes.

Plan for holiday gifts

You may think that it is too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your loved ones. But, it is the right time. You may choose gifts that need a small saving at hand, or some of the gifts you wish to buy may be on offer before the holiday season. Also, if you are thinking of handmade gifts, now would be the ideal time to start working on them.

Prepare for the holiday ahead

Holiday can be messy if not prepared for in advance. You can have many visitors and no time to do all the preparations you should have done earlier. So, launder, iron and keep safe all the holiday line that you will use to entertain your guests. You may decide to make a slight interior design makeover ahead of the festive season.
There is always a chore or maintenance activity that needs to be done around every home. A good foundation must be set before interior design can commence. So, take your time to think of what you should do before the month of October comes to an end. Prioritize according to necessity.