By Lori Wiles, owner

Let’s chat!

One thing you’ll quickly pick up on at our first meeting is that we’re looking for a relationship, not a transaction. (In fact, we’ve made some BFFs through our design work.)

What are your needs and wants? Maybe they’re emotional-your living or entertaining area feels old and sad or your entryway doesn’t exactly welcome you home. Maybe they’re practical-you don’t want to climb the stepladder to get those platters down anymore, or you want to move your laundry area to your main floor rather than traipse to the basement with armloads of sheets. We can add function and comfort, drama and intrigue-whatever your needs.

Sure, when it comes to style, we understand that it’s easier to know what you don’t like or want than to paint a pretty picture of what you do want. (Easy peasy to decide you don’t like “country kitsch” but what decorating style(s) makes you light up? Link to blog post on identifying decorating style, not yet posted.) With the help of a questionnaire and plenty of conversation (do you prefer coffee or tea?), we’ll get you there!

We’ll review furniture you’d like to keep or replace (we enjoy incorporating your treasures), and we’ll take measurements of your spaces. In the next design phase, we’ll present to-scale plans and share finishes, fixtures, and fabrics-and help you choose what will work best for you.

And, of course, we’ll balance your needs and wants with your financial situation. (Don’t underestimate what you can do on a budget with the help of a designer!)

The initial consultation is slated for 90 minutes. That might sound like a long time, but again, we want to get to know you and to make sure that we’re a good fit for you. That’s right, we’re not the best choice for everyone. While we love choosing the oh-so-perfect throw, for example, we’re not the most cost-effective choice for accessorizing a room. What we excel at is creating comprehensive plans for meeting our client’s needs.

Here are just a few concrete examples of how we’ve helped clients meet specific wants, big and little:

We transformed an antique, well-loved headboard by adding side sections so that it could be used for a king-size bed.

We knocked out walls and designed a cohesive space to convert a divided living, dining and kitchen area into an open-concept environment-perfect for a family who wants to keep wee ones in view.

A functional entryway was no problem to create, even in this tiny area.

Storage space galore in this tiny bathroom? Problem solved.

Managing the Minutia

It can be tough to predict the outcome of a space, but no worries- that’s our job. Drawing on both psychology and technical knowledge, our top-notch staff plans every detail down to the inch. We’ll create a template for you, with everything spelled out-every single step of the process.

Because all of the details are ironed out ahead of time, there are very, very few revisions down the road. Think about it: The typical kitchen remodel might have 14 contractors. We keep all 14 of those workers focused on the clear end goal. (Imagine if the first contractor in changes the plan-even a tiny bit. Hair-pulling scenario as everything in turn changes down the line!)

As your agent, we’ll negotiate for your benefit every step of the way, working as a liaison between you and the craftspeople who can build what you need.

With a clear vision (built on your individual needs) and our follow through, design dreams really can come true!

What are your design dreams? What practical or emotional needs would you love to address in your home?