Your bedroom should be your secret palace. The place you run to for relaxation, comfort, romance and emotional connection with your partner. It is often the last room that comes to mind when you think of a house renovation or redesign project. It has become a storeroom for your private clutter and boring, to say the least.

If you do not enjoy spending time in your bedroom, it is time to consider a custom interior design. The bedroom should represent your personalities, taste, and style. Both you and your partner should feel accommodate, comforted and encouraged to enjoy your relationship by the room’s interior design.

How to create a more romantic interior design

Do away with clutter

Every bedroom has a stack of magazines, books, bills and coupons or dirty laundry on the floor. You never realize they are messy until they build up. But, to create a romantic bedroom, all the clutter must disappear. Spare a basket where you can store magazines and books, have a laundry basket in one corner to avoid dropping dirty laundry on the floor and a bedside drawer to store the bills and coupons that you do not want to lose.

Use soothing colors

Color covers the biggest and most conspicuous part of your bedroom. Therefore, your bedroom’s color scheme is as crucial as the decorations. Color taps into emotions and can spark romance. So, go for colors that you and your partner relate to and love. It does not matter how odd or out of place they may appear; they are the key to a romantic mood. If you are not sure of the style that would match with your preferred colors, go through interior design magazines and catalogs to seek décor inspiration. If you still cannot find the right pattern, hire a custom interior design professional to assist you.

Invest in scented candles

Most people buy candles to decorate dining tables and shelves in the living area but forget the bedroom. You light candles when you want to enjoy a romantic dinner; so, imagine how lighting scented candles would feel in the bedroom. Candlelight offers a romantic ambiance, soothing fragrances, and room color that you and your partner love. Make it a habit of buying and burning scented candles in the bedroom.

Use decorations that remind you of sweet memories

Though most interior design bedroom styles do not display photos, you will be amazed at how great they can be for creating a romantic mood. Frame and display photos from your wedding, honeymoon or the first day you met and fell in love. These are simple yet powerful love rejoinders that can trigger romance each time you go through them together.

The bedroom should be the center of romance and love for you and your partner. It is the only room in your house that you get to spend time together without distractions. So, invest in making it a haven of peace, comfort, romance and emotions. Focus on custom interior design tricks that represent both your tastes and preferences.