The high cost of living, utility and home maintenance costs have led people to appreciate living in small space more. It is easy to manage and feel comfortable in small spaces when alone, but when a baby arrives, your space may feel smaller than you imagined. You need to figure out the most convenient place to store the tiny clothes and toys. So, you may have to redo your interior design. Change a few things here and there, ensure all baby clothes and accessories are well-packed away and spare a play area for your baby. For most people, such activity is out of their league, and they may need tips from a custom interior designer. But before you get there, try out the tips below.

Tips for living in a small space with baby

Go for mini-size baby gear

A crucial interior design rule is that you should have furniture and items that are proportionate to your space. So, buy the smallest versions of the gear and baby furniture you need. This may be things like a rocker with small footprints and a mini bassinet that expands as the baby grows. Do not feel like investing in small gears is a waste of resources. You can always sell them, exchange them at the store or with the manufacturer once the baby outgrows them. The idea is to have an accommodating small space.

Use ceiling-mounted curtains to hide storage areas

A floor to ceiling shelving is ideal storage areas for parents living in small spaces. However, they can appear messy because they are convenient for putting everything away. To maintain the serene interior décor feel, use a full-length curtain in front of the shelve to cover the messy or jam-packed storage.

Wall mounted baby activity zone

Babies learn by exploring things around them. So, a wall mounted exploration and activity zone can keep them busy long enough and save you the space you could have designated for the activities. Attach appropriate music instruments, toys and sensory items alike soft and rough fabric, brushes and sandpaper. You could also attach a magnetic alphabet board that your baby can use to learn and make cool words. Just ensure that everything you put on the wall mounted zone is properly secured or big enough not to be swallowed.

Use baskets for storage

Baskets have long been overlooked but they can your best friend if trying to maintain a cute small space interior design. They are available in many colors, are pretty and easy to carry around. Place them at a strategic corner where they will serve the intended purpose and make an interior décor statement. They can be used to store toys, magazines, books, play blocks, laundry and random messes that you need to clear now and then.

Designing a small space to accommodate you and the baby can be challenging. Though most first time parents would prefer to seek assistance from a custom interior designer, following the above tips and doing a little small space interior design research can go a long way. Just be creative and have only what you need.