Preparing your home for sale means redecorating it to represent a lifestyle that most buyers would be looking for. You do not have to represent your style when home staging. Home staging is decorating your home to ensure that it looks fresh and welcoming to everyone who walks in to view or visit. Potential buyers want to feel that they can redesign the home to make it their own if they purchase the house.

On the other hand, decorating your home means incorporating interior design features that are in line with your personal taste. You use interior design features that you like whether they seem awkward to other people or not. That is the difference between home decorating vs. home staging.

Understanding home staging and decorating

Everyone has a unique interior design style, décor, and furnishings that they also find it welcoming, organized, peaceful and functional. So, when home staging, you may require assistance from a qualified interior designer who will advise you on the trending interior decors that are likely to capture most buyers’ attention. This includes getting rid of items that the interior designer deem as clutter and creating a spacious room look.

When decorating, you may choose to retain the clutter because some of it may be sentimental or you simply like it too much to let go. But, with home staging, you must be ready to make such sacrifices as to get rid of some of your favorite items that clutter your home. Your home should not be taste specific, and it should be devoid of personal wall paintings and artwork.

However, you should retain simple color schemes especially ones that make a space appear bigger. For instance, painting your living area an adjacent dining area one color can create a big space illusion. Consider using non-specific colors like whites, grays, and clean tans.

If you have a distinct home decoration style like; modern, shabby chic or Tuscan, you must be prepared to scale it down a little to avoid putting off serious buyers who may not relate to that style. If you do not scale it back, your home will only appeal to a small percentage of buyers who might also buy it at a lower price that you anticipated. Home staging entails depersonalizing and editing your home strategically. Home decorating, on the other hand, entails personalizing and styling your home to boost your comfort.

Bottom line

When home staging, you must get into the mind of different potential buyers and come up with what they would like to see. If you find this hard, consult an interior designer in your area for advice on the latest interior design trends and features that most personalities would appreciate. Though it is hard to be objective about your living space, you have to do what it takes to sell your home faster and at a good price. But when decorating, you are free to play around with interior design features and styles as you determine what works for you. That is what differentiates home staging and decorating.