What’s more fun than a perfectly designed theme room? Let’s explore ideas from some of the creative, specialized spaces created by expert interior designer Lori Wiles of Lori Wiles Design.

Wine rooms continue to be requested as more people look for ways to keep an expanding wine collection safe and accessible. As in-home wine storage gains popularity the options available increase as well. Working with an interior designer who knows what’s out there today, what different choices cost, and what will work in a particular setting saves time, headache, and money.

A wine room with adjacent storage, for instance, could have shelving installed flush with the wall and the equipment for temperature and humidity regulation could be housed out of sight in the adjacent room. If appearance is important and there’s no adjoining space to hide the machinery, custom cabinetry can be built to store wine and the technology to preserve it in style.

The same technology used to maintain a constant humidity and temperature is, interestingly, also appropriate for storing furs and guns. People want to preserve their mink coats or hand-scrolled rifles and both can be kept in the same room, keeping their valuables safe but accessible.

On the topic of safety, some high-powered executives require a higher level of security in their homes: a safe room. Many of us have seen safe rooms in movies, portrayed as an austere steel-doored space. But if the purpose of good interior design, as Lori explains, is to combine function, balance, and emotional satisfaction, a room that is intended to be safe but feels like a prison is not doing its job. Lori believes a safe room should have all the functional features of the safe rooms we imagine–secure doors, bulletproof glass, an alert system–but should be a welcoming space. Even something seemingly benign, like an exercise room, can function as a safe room. This way there’s no wasted space and if an emergency arises, the client is in a familiar and secure setting until help arrives.

Shifting to a lighter type of room, mud rooms are popular places to shed dirty boots. Why not combine a mud room with a puppy room designed to be a convenient place to clean off those muddy paws before he rolls on the couch?

And of course, there’s comfy dens, space-conscious craft rooms, cozy guest rooms, catering kitchens… the possibilities are endless.

Custom-designed theme rooms are a great way to make your home or business into a more meaningful, functional space. If you’ve got a room you’re not happy with, or have a need for a room that’s not being met, don’t be afraid to get creative! Let an expert interior designer help you make your dream–no matter how unique–a reality, and enjoy your space.