The kitchen hosts a lot of home activities like; socializing, drinking, eating, cleaning and most importantly cooking. As such, it needs to be beautifully arranged and functional regardless of its style, layout, and organization. But, homeowners make mistakes when designing their kitchen unknowingly. They focus on highlighting what they think looks great in their kitchen space and end up compromising on functionality and style. Here are nine common kitchen layout mistakes and how to avoid them.

Obstructing the kitchen triangle

The stove, sink, and refrigerator make up the kitchen triangle. This the kitchen area that used frequently and thus requires careful planning and unlimited access. Action in the kitchen mainly starts at the sink and flows to the stove, refrigerator and countertop workstation. But, some kitchen sinks are poorly located due to the placement of plumbing pipes. If this is the case, consider a custom interior design makeover to reposition the sink. Regardless of your kitchen size, the kitchen triangle should be between 10 and 25 feet.

Wasting storage space

The kitchen holds a lot of items including some that are oddly shaped and consume more storage space. Thus, finding a good storage for your appliances while keeping them at an accessible point and maintaining order can be tricky. So, when undertaking a custom interior design project, install long upper cabinets molded for extra storage and cabinets above your refrigerator. Utilize every storage space you have.

Inadequate counter space

Most kitchens lack enough counter space. But you can always add them through installing a breakfast bar or an island at the center or your kitchen in case you have the space to do so. However, this works perfectly for L-shaped kitchens.

Poor lighting

The kitchen should have as much natural lighting as possible; it all depends on your kitchen design and atmosphere. Moreover, the more lighting you have in your kitchen, the better you show off you unique custom design and the better you handle your kitchen tools. Your kitchen requires three types of lighting; general lighting for illumination, accent lighting, and task lighting. So, consider adding lighting above your main working area.

Forging a backsplash

When looking through custom interior design kitchen ideas, the backsplash is forgotten or included at the end of the list. Some homeowners do not understand its use and opt to leave it out altogether. But, when you think about the water, grease, and steam in your kitchen you will understand why you need a backsplash.

Poor ventilation

The classiest and most expensive custom interior design fades in the presence of bad odor. If you leave your house in the morning, come back after work and smell last night’s fish, you need to improve your kitchen’s ventilation. Thought it might require a substantial investment, a good kitchen ventilation system is important especially if your kitchen opens to a family or living room.

Being too trendy

Though it is good to flow with the market trends, they have a short lifespan, and you may have to spend more money changing your interior kitchen décor once the trend is out of fashion.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. So, invest adequate time and resources to ensure that it functions and appeals as it should.