When trying to boost purchaser appeal on your home, it is essential to concentrate on the bathrooms. However, rooms like bathrooms and kitchens can be viewed as costly to redesign or re-imagine. The fact of the matter is that potential buyers want to see a presentable bathroom design. The alternative is showing them a bathroom that needs remodeling down the line. This can put-off buyers because they see it as thousands of dollars in remodeling down the line. Because of this effect, it is extremely important to work with an interior designer to re-imagine your bathroom before putting your home on the market. As an accomplished interior designer, we have worked with many clients to achieve great results. Therefore, here are some tips on organizing your bathroom to boost buyer appeal.

Clean, and keep it clean

Let’s face it; a bathroom is a place where we often retreat to for privacy. Therefore, it should be clean, no exceptions. Make sure every surface is immaculate before and during your open houses. Make sure to scour tiles, and wash shower shades. If you lack time to clean, consider asking your interior designer if they can refer you to a competent professional cleaner.

Let the Light flood in

Having a natural light source in a bathroom can be a curse and a blessing. In regards to the latter, natural light in this space can be the catalyst for a relaxing environment. But, let’s face it, this is the bathroom and privacy are imperative. Icing film can be applied to windows to successful cloud-out any views into the bathroom from the exterior.

Clear The Clutter

There are so many personal hygiene products these days. So many in fact, that our bathrooms almost resemble storefronts. Consequently, bathrooms must also utilize storage space to clear clutter from potential buyers’ vision. It’s important to clear this clutter because potential buyers should be focused on the property, not your personal life. Discuss options for storage solutions with your interior designer.

Tile and Grout

Tile can be an amazing addition to the visual appeal of a bathroom. But since, tile is so visible; it’s vital that it’s well maintained. Make sure that the tile is clean and free of any oil and grime. Grout-whiteness is a must! Nothing screams old and grungy faster than dirty grout. Therefore you may want to use a grout pen to reestablish whiteness. And if the grout needs to replaced, consider asking your designer for a referral to a contractor who can help you with the technical work.

Taps and shower heads

Hardware and shower heads can quickly become grimy if not properly maintained. But fear not, a quality cleaner can remove grime and restore any great luster your bathroom hardware once had. This is also an ideal time to consider updating your shower heads and taps. Work with your interior designer to update the style in accordance with the wants of potential buyers.