Babies are adorable, sweet and priceless blessings that change your life forever. Because of them, you change how to do things, how you reason, how you handle situations as well as how you plan your future. So, how about embracing change before they arrive by redesigning your home to accommodate them. Though you may have planned to have babies, you never think of making your home child-friendly until a baby is on the way. Which is understandable more so because you still have enough time to change your interior décor.

How to design your home to accommodate babies

Designate and design a play area

You may think that it’s too early to think of a play area. But, babies grow pretty fast and within a few months, they will want to play with toys. So, think about this must have feature early enough. Babies appreciate toys because they keep them busy and satisfy their play curiosity. The area you select should be clear with no household items. It should have a soft carpet that protects your baby in case of a fall.

Be creative and experimental with colors

Interior design can sometimes follow standard practices. It is common among parents to paint babies’ rooms pink or blue depending on their child’s gender. But the truth is, the two colors have become monotonous, not all girls like pink and not all boys like blue. So, if you are hoping to design a room that will be appreciated by your babies until they outgrow it probably at 18 years, go for neutral colors. Make the room colorful yet warm and comforting. You may use blue and pink but sparingly.

Use durable materials

As babies grow, they become innocently destructive. They will want to understand everything they lay their hands on. To avoid having too many damaged house items, consider using durable interior design materials. Sturdy materials can withstand most child-related damages. This way, you can redesign your home once your babies grow and become less destructive.

Storage for your kid’s belongings

Once they become mobile, babies can mess up or cause clutter in your home. To avoid this, ensure that you have a designated storage space/ area. The storage should be within the designated play area. It should be low or at a height position that your babies can access. The point is to encourage them to arrange or put them away after use. To avoid clutter, always give out or dispose of toys that your babies stop using as they grow.
Redesigning your home to accommodate babies is a stressing yet satisfying activity that should be undertaken before the babies arrive. There are many other things and house features that you can change to make your house child accommodating. Young couples that are yet to have babies are advised to incorporate some of the features discussed above like paint in their initial custom interior design plans. Designate rooms for your babies, paint them accordingly but do not buy furniture. An open house plan is also recommended for parents. It ensures connection and easy monitoring of your active and adventurous babies.