The window plays a significant role in enhancing or downgrading your interior design style. They are responsible for lighting your space naturally as well as ensuring that your room is well ventilated. Additionally, windows and their treatment can be the first things anyone notices upon entering a room. They guide the effects the windows have in a room, whether they are big enough to bring in enough natural lighting and the type of curtains in use. Do they appear traditional, modern, unique or rustic? These are just a few things that determine the mood in your room and people notice.

Window treatments should be used to enhance your living space while offering the privacy you need, controlling sun rays and room temperature. So, let’s discuss two interesting window treatment options; blinds and valances. They serve different functions but can complement each other if used wisely.

Swag valances

Swag valances are commonly used in homes and living spaces. They are material wrappings that are draped over the windows, curtain boxes, or just above the curtains. Their purpose is to highlight the height or your windows and emphasize their beauty. So, they represent a sense of class and elegance that cannot be matched with simple curtain designs. Some people shun them because they are used in traditional and formal interior design styles. Formal home rooms may include dining and living areas. However, this does not mean that you and your designer cannot use them in your bedroom or guest room. There are no restrictions.

Swag valances are made from different materials and colors. They can be from the same fabric as your curtains or seat covers. Remember that their role is to enhance your space. So, ensure that they complement at at least one design aspect in your room. It could be the furniture, wall color, beddings, seat color or curtains. They cover the upper window to bring out decorative, visual appeal and must be used with blinds, sheers or heavier curtains to guarantee privacy. Choose a durable fabric that will not wear out fast due to the direct sunlight exposure.


If you are not interior design savvy, you might confuse shades and blinds. They can be very different but serve the same purpose. Blinds are mainly used in offices but are also common in homes because they are affordable and readily available. On the other hand, shades are mostly custom made from a wide range of materials that range from soft fabrics to glass and wood. Both can be installed vertically or horizontally. Their installation style does not affect the amount of light in your room or privacy level. Oversized windows that are hard to reach can utilize motorized blinds that are remote controlled.

Since blinds are simple and do not offer as many design patterns, you can use them together with swag valances to bring out your sense of style. Your swag valance can represent your main design color or contrast it.

There are numerous interior design rules that should be followed when using two window treatment types. As such, it is advisable to consult a professional interior designer. You also want to ensure that you use the right materials that will offer service for years to come.