We all understand that a client will need to work closely with their interior designer. They’ll discuss what the client wants to accomplish in their space, their preferences, and potential limitations of time and budget. 

But an expert interior designer delivers much more than a cosmetic upgrade that can be pulled together after a brief chat. Understanding a client’s routines, the minutiae of their preferences, even life experiences that may determine what they love–and don’t–allows a designer to form a full picture of a client and the spaces they’ll enthusiastically inhabit.

Conversation and time is required, as well as trust and privacy; these are often undervalued as we become busier and conduct much of our communication and business remotely. A great designer sits down with you face-to-face and efficiently gets to know what makes you tick. A great client trusts that process and fully participates.

Engaging with your interior designer is also a fulfilling experience. As your designer learns about you and your preferences, you do too. Maybe you didn’t know you loved a little chaos in a room even if it’s just scattered throw pillows, or how much texture matters as you hold on a little longer to that sample of the fabric that will cover your dining room chairs because it feels just right.

A good designer will also help you comfortably consider new options. For instance, you may want to stick with a certain color palette for a room. But an expert designer like Lori Wiles might show you a new palette that appeals even more strongly than the old one. Lori explains that this kind of experience happens when a client has fully engaged with her. She can use her experience and knowledge of their personal tastes to suggest something that meets the client’s needs even if they didn’t know it was a possibility.

When issues come up, an engaged designer is right there to smooth things over. By understanding how each client works, Lori’s team is able to resolve issues effectively and efficiently. They have extensive experience respectfully connecting contractors, workers, and clients to ensure open communication, adherence to timelines, and realistic expectations on all sides. Construction and remodels have a lot of moving pieces; a skilled interior designer who understands the home building and remodeling industry, architecture, and design can greatly improve the process for all involved and make sure your project is completed the way it should be.

Once a relationship with your interior designer is established it can last a lifetime. Lori has clients she’s worked with for decades and across the country. She knows them, they trust her, and they love her work.

So as you consider hiring an interior designer, be open to the experience of establishing a meaningful and lasting relationship. It’s a change of pace from the way things often work in our fast-paced lives, but a welcome one, and most definitely worth it.