Designing the Ultimate Dream Nursery in Six Easy Steps

You are looking forward to welcoming your bundle of joy in the best way possible. As such, you are thinking of designing the perfect nursery for your baby but may not know where to start. Well, just like all other interior design projects, start your dream nursery creation by discussing your vision with your interior designer. Note the nursery design styles that intrigue you and find a way of incorporating the different features together. So, here is a list of 6 must have elements in your dream nursery.

The crib

The crib might be the largest and most important piece of furniture in the nursery. Your baby will sleep in it for the better part of their first few years. So, it must be comfortable, stable, and protective. Also, it is advisable to go for neutral crib options especially if you are expecting your first baby. It may come in handy with future babies. But if you are planning on having just one baby, maybe a gender specific color will do.

Crib bedding

Crib bedding is the final layer on the crib after the sheets. It serves as a bedcover and so, it should be cute, in sync with the room’s theme and style. Consider having at least 5 pairs of sheets so that you always have a clean pair in case of emergencies. The sheets and bedding should be cotton and very soft because baby’s skin is very sensitive.

The changing table

As a new parent, changing diapers will most likely be part of your daily, possibly hourly, schedule. So, a changing table/station is a must have for your dream nursery. Your changing table design options are often defined by the space you have. If you have enough space, a freestanding table would be ideal while a combination dresser/ changing table would work if your space is limited. Toys should be within reach to keep your little one busy as you do your thing. The diapers and all supplies you need must be within reach as well.

The nursery chair

A cozy nursery chair is where you feed and bond with the baby. So, you might spend a substantial amount of time in the chair. It should accommodate you and the baby comfortably and be cozy enough for you to sit long hours without hurting any part of your body. Go for a glider or rocking chair that will make lulling the baby to sleep easier, it should be durable and have arm rests. If you have troubles picking out the perfect chair that also blends well with décor, consider asking your designer’s opinion on what would work.

Enough storage

Think of the baby items you need to store from toys, diapers, clothes and gears just to mention a few. All the baby items need a special storage area to ensure organization, and that you find things with ease. Your storage should accommodate your baby items as they grow. Include large floor bins, clothes hanging closets and bookshelves that should be out of sight. Most interior designers also team up with local builders. So if you need storage built, bring this up with your designer.


Once you have all the functional stuff in place, it is time to think about the interior décor. Go for a design that exudes personality and makes the room inviting. Consider a bright wall color, great rug especially for wooden floors to absorb noise when the baby is sleeping, curtains that block light when the baby is sleeping and decorative pieces that define your family’s taste and style.

The list of items you can incorporate in your dream nursery is endless. It depends on what you want for your baby and the environment you are hoping to achieve.