Here’s the beautiful part of the trip; the “fact finder” in me kicked in. I wanted to really assess the things that I specified for the project. I could see for myself how things truly functioned. I could use everything in the house at least once, maybe twice or more to see how it worked. I could add those experiences to my never-completed how/why/what information gathering brain list.

Things I wanted to know:

  1. Does is make sense to have the w/d in the kitchen? It’s spatially great. It’s a little noisy, especially when the washer is filling or spinning out.
  2. Was that shower too tiny to be usable?

That undersized shower is great! At 32” it doesn’t allow a dance party but makes that former powder room a fully functional second bath. The rain head sprayer is in the ceiling so there’s more wall space. The pebble stones in the floor give it a spa-like feel.

  1. Does the giant island make up for the loss of a sit-down table area?

I’m on the fence about this. In the future I might shorten the island a few feet to allow for a small table area. It’s just hard to play cards without that four sided table.

  1. Do tiles that look like wood but feel like tile (but look like wood!) seem weird and fake?

These tiles are great. I’m super sensitive to how tile feels on skin (Are they chalky? Do they have drag when you run your hand over them?) and these are smooth but not slick when your feet are wet. The wood pattern is very random and pleasant. I love the durability.

  1. Is a drawer style microwave a great aesthetic choice only or is it convenient?

For occasional use this is a great invention. If I used it several times a day I might hate it. The tiny bit of time (2 seconds, literally) it takes to mechanically open and close seems soooo long. Patience.