Your personal touch represents your personality and interior design taste. It is that unique touch that makes your home yours, comfortable and soothing for you after a long day at work. So, how do you apply your personal touch to make your home unique yet appealing? The answer to this question is relative and varies from one person to the other because you would have to come up with an interior décor style that defines your personality. As an interior designer with many years of experience, we have worked with many clients to design a home that it uniquely personal. Here’s some ways to do that.

Combine themes

It is normal for people to like more than one interior design theme. No matter how much you like one theme, you may want to borrow a few design tips from the next theme you see. So, do not be afraid to combine different design themes and always feel free to discuss this with your designer.

Paint your favorite striking color

Coloring can be the best and simplest way to add personality to your living area. We all have that striking color we love, but we may be afraid of showing it. Overcome that fear by painting it at one corner (preferably the vocal wall) of your space. Also, always discuss your color options with your designer. Interior designers have experience with just about any color.

Different sofa coverings

A sofa is generally the biggest furniture in your living area. As such, it determines how your living spaces look and feel. Try to bring a unique and personal sofa design mix and match the cover colors. They could be complementing or contrasting colors. Also, use different colors for the throw pillows.

Up-cycle old items

We all have those old items we find hard to dispose of. So, instead of storing them as clutter, consider upcycling them to more useful pieces. Since they are old, they are also unique and will bring out that personal feel perfectly.


Avoid scattering your interior design accessories and nostalgic items. Instead, create beautiful clusters of them at different parts of your home. It could be something simple like arranging your favorite ceramics collection on a vintage corridor table. If you are unsure on how to pair items, make sure to ask your designer’s opinion. They can help you realize certain design elements you may not be able to see on your own.

Different electric items with common color themes

Electronics are a must-have for every homeowner. But how you choose the colors determines how your home appears. For that personal feel, do not be afraid of experimenting with different colors and design themes.
A uniquely designed home makes a lasting statement because it represents design clarity. Above are just a few personal interior design tips. Do not be afraid of experimenting with what you see in magazines what you visualize, or elements you may notice in our portfolio.