Empowered by the wireless equipment, laptop, handy computing devices, and advanced tools like Skype and WebEx, today an employee can work from anywhere and anytime. Times are changing very quickly. These changes are almost immediately seen in office design trends. On the bright side, because of these trends, interior designers, and their clients can now work in harmony. They can work in harmony and choose the right interior design style for all of those involved. That being said, let’s discuss a few office designing tips which are now trending.

Open workspace

Individual workstations can be a big turn-off these days. Most employees do not want to be stuck in a field of cubicles. Redesigning your floor area can be a very rewarding experience for your company, and it’s one of the many ways in which you can work with your interior designer. Perhaps you want a modern space with no closed doors and where workspaces are accessible but not restricting.

Managing noise and privacy through private booths

One of the only drawbacks of an open work environment can be a lack of privacy in this setting. Noise level can also be a distractor. Therefore, as a client, you may work together with your designer to create private booths. They can be used as meeting areas which naturally dampen noise and provide a place away from the rest of the floor.

Design common areas to serve your client’s managerial goals

Finding the best location and size of common areas is significant for the efficiency of the workplace. Common office areas which can be designed by you and your interior designer in offices are also considered to provide support to the company’s values and goals. These spaces can be customized to your business

Eco-friendly workspaces

Office design is one area where activities related to environmental consciousness can definite be visible. Green paints on the office walls may lessen the inhalation of harmful chemicals, while natural light sources enhance your office mood and lessen the use of energy. Many of the latest office trends are good for the environment.

Use of natural materials

Making use of the natural materials is a goal of many forward-thinking interior designers. So, whenever you consider office design, make sure you use all the natural materials if you can. Take into consideration hardwood or bamboo flooring, cork board, earthly wall coverings and much more.

Use of Citrus colors

Tangerine, lime, and similar shades energize and invigorate workers. If these hues are too bold for your walls, try to incorporate brightly-colored upholstery, art, and signage. Office color trends may be fleeting, but citrus accents should stay fresh for years to come.

Glass walls

Forget thick drywall, which keeps natural light from flowing through a workspace. Frosted glass can add a little privacy while still letting in the sunlight. The best part: natural light keeps workers happy and healthy.

Employer friendly office designs

Employee contentment is vital to the success of any organization, and managers know that retention of employees is crucial. Therefore, designing office spaces that are beneficial for employees can be very rewarding. This includes recreational areas, private rooms, and custom break rooms can help uplift an employee’s day.

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