Despite how big your house may be, you will always need extra storage space more so, shelves that you can use to display your antique collections and family photos. In light of modern home interior design styles, you should consider having modular shelves. They are designed cleverly to cater for diverse shelving needs such as hiding elements you do not like about your display and only showing off the details you are proud of. Additionally, they are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. As an interior designer with many years of experience, shelving can be vital to any space. Here are 10 modular shelving ideas.

Enclosed shelving

It is easy to design enclosed shelves that define your personality. Working together with your designer, simply take wooden cases like ones used for wine storage. Mount them on the wall in whatever shape that pleases you and add light fixtures to the top or bottom inside surfaces to create elegance.

Hide and show shelving

Hide and show shelves serve two purposes because of they doors. They function as shelves and storage cupboards as well. Store away the items you need to hide in the cupboard and display what you want on the shelves.

Honeycomb touch

Interior design is all about making your living space more enjoyable. Honeycomb touch shelving does just that; makes your room appealing in an interesting way. They are hexagon shaped, can be made from any material and are used to display anything from books, wine bottles to photos and antique pieces.

Four cute colors

Just like the name implies, these are shelves that are painted four different colors. Feel free to use your favorite colors whether they clash or contrast. The color effect created by the four colors makes your room appear unique.

Livening up a dull space

Dull spaces can be big or small, and it’s up to you and your designer to use shelving to make the spaces livelier. You could wall mount modular shelves painted in distinct colors. Also, ensure that the shelves are well arranged, painted and maintained to bring the right interior design message.

Minimalist touch

A minimalist modular shelving touch is ideal for people who like to keep things simple and clean. They are minimally designed but serve the storage and display purpose in a simple but elegant way because sometimes less is always more.


Modular shelves are not limiting to one design. You can incorporate different designs within the same room. You make the room attractive and more appealing.

Space dividers

These type of shelves are ideal if you have an open plan house layout. You simply design a continuous shelve that will divide an area, achieve the privacy you need and serve their display purpose appropriately.


Modular shelves can be styled and painted to fit with any interior design style and taste. As such, you are not limited to using them in your living room. If you no longer need it in the living room, you can transfer it to your bedroom or kid room to serve as book or toy shelves.
Modular shelves and interior design are all about creativity. Working in harmony with your designer can yield fantastic results. Feel free to browse our portfolio (add link to portfolio page as ‘portfolio’), and please contact us when something inspires you.